Harness the Power of ChatGPT
to Grow Your Law Firm

More Clients • More Revenue • Less Work

This revolutionary AI-powered toolkit simplifies marketing by automating content creation and campaign management, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional legal services to your clients.

  • Save time and effort by automating content creation and campaign management with AI technology
  • Effortlessly attract high-quality clients in personal injury, family, bankruptcy, estate planning, and criminal defense
  • Gain a competitive edge by leveraging the latest advancements in AI for your marketing strategy
  • ​Improve efficiency and increase profits without hiring additional marketing staff or consultants
  • ​Easily create targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with your ideal clients, building trust and authority in your practice area

The True Power of A.I.

Artificial intelligence cannot be ignored. It's changing everything -- even the way we do the ordinary non-techy things we were doing before AI came along.

Especially those things.

You may have heard lawyers worrying about whether AI is going to take our jobs. Don't worry. It won't. But another lawyer might be using AI to gain a competitive advantage, and that guy might be coming for your job.

The question is do you want to be that guy? Or do you want to sit back and do nothing while a small handful of lawyers use AI to dominate the marketplace?

ChatGPT is a Revolution in Law Firm Marketing

In the past, lawyers had to "wing it" and hope their marketing efforts were good enough. Or, they had to pay marketing "experts" thousands of dollars for generic marketing advice.

ChatGPT changes that. With the proper approach, a solo lawyer can create a world-class marketing plan -- and all the content -- faster than you'd ever thought possible.

It's All About Frameworks

A "framework" is kinda like a recipe that you use to achieve a particular goal. For example, the IRAC format you learned on the first day of law school -- that's a framework for thinking clearly about a legal question. A motion is a framework. So is your client intake process. Everything you do has some sort of framework behind it.

Well, guess what, marketers use frameworks, too. Your marketing plan is a framework. Then, every step in that plan has its own framework. Your website, blog posts, videos... Everything has a framework.

Artificial Intelligence is a Super-Powerful Framework Processor

Unless you've been living under a rock for six months, you've probably seen A.I. engines, like ChatGPT, do some pretty neat tricks. But, truth be told, most of those demonstrations miss the real point -- the real power -- of artificial intelligence.

Sure, it can process large amounts of text. It can write your kid's homework assignment. But, armed with the right framework, ChatGPT can do some amazing things.

Things you've never even imagined possible.

The right framework can make marketing a lot easier. It can help you create blog posts in the blink of an eye. It can turn your solo practice into a virtual army of marketing automation robots. And, it'll do all sorts of other stuff to help you get more clients than you ever thought possible.

"So, how does this all work, anyway?"

ChatGPT can answer complex questions, but it becomes exponentially more powerful when you ask it a series of questions that "prime" the AI engine to understand why you are asking. The SmartLaw AI frameworks do exactly that. 

It's the difference between having *a* marketing plan and having *your* marketing plan.  

Are You Ready for the Most Powerful
AI Marketing Framework Available Today?

The SmartLaw AI Marketing Toolkit is a complete set of world-class frameworks that will lead you through the entire marketing process -- planning and implementation. 

  • Branding Statement Framework: This framework will help you develop a branding statement that establishes trust, sets you apart from the competition, and lets potential clients know your true value.  
  • Practice Areas and Target Market Framework: This framework will help you develop a clear picture of what you do and who you serve. Most importantly, you'll do it in a way that helps you spend your marketing dollars wisely to get exactly the clients you are looking for.  
  • Client Avatar Framework: Get absolute clarity about your client avatars -- a fleshed-out model of your perfect client,
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan Framework: In this framework, you will develop a comprehensive roadmap that outlines the strategies you will use to attract and retain clients. 
  • Content Marketing Framework: This framework will help you develop a complete content marketing plan -- a list of topics, a schedule for publishing blog posts, videos, social media, and even public events. This framework will ensure that all of your content uses the most powerful SEO keywords and terms, driving visitors to your site and qualified prospects into your lobby.
  • Content Creation Framework: Once you know the topics and timing, this framework will help you generate your content quickly and easily, using best practices for SEO and conversion. 
  • Freelancer Framework: This critical framework will help you create job listings for popular freelancer sites, like UpWork, so you can hire talented "gig" workers to help you complete the work at the lowest cost. In addition to the job listings, you'll create assignment memos that tell your freelancers exactly what is expected, along with all the supporting information needed for the job. 
  • Marketing Metrics Framework: The most important part of any marketing campaign is tracking results and making adjustments to improve performance. This framework will guide you through marketing industry best practices to get the most out of your marketing efforts. 

Are You Ready to Grow?

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The Most Powerful AI Marketing System Available

The SmartLaw AI Marketing Toolkit is a four-week course, with two modules released each week. Each module contains:

  • ​Credibility: Why people should trust you
  • AuthorityWhy people should listen to you
  • Benefit: Why people should get this now